Become A Hauler

Use your truck to earn money

How It Works

Toss It Curbside is the World’s best solution for junk, yard debris and trash. Our customers place unwanted items in their driveway or at the curb and haulers pick it up and take to the local landfill.

  1. Earnings

    Haulers are independent contractors. This means the more you haul the more you earn.

  2. Set Your Hours

    Through our app you will be sent opportunities to pickup items nearby. You can either accept or decline. The choice is yours.

  3. No Stress

    Pick up the debris; not the hassle. No need to deal with advertising or running a business. Opportunities come into your phone.


  1. How Much Will I get Paid?

    Rates vary based on market.

  2. How Do I Get Paid?

    You’re paid directly by customer.

  3. How Does Tossit Curbside Collect Their Fee?

    We collect fees through retail relations.


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